Age of Instant Gratification. How about Mortgage Gratification?

Your Mortgage. Your Way. Now.

“Now, now, now!” is the battle cry of today’s consumers. Not only do we want results now, we also expect things to be done correctly and conveniently.
That’s why we’re turning to same-day grocery delivery, on-demand movies, ridesourcing and instantly downloaded music. And… we want to summon these services right from our phones. We don’t just want instant gratification, we need it.
Although a large part of this push is coming from Millennials, other generations are also jumping onboard the instant gratification train. You’ll find people of all ages watching Netflix® or conveniently bingeing shows they’ve DVRed, rather than gathering around the TV to watch a comedy in real time. And odds are, that’s not the only screen they’re looking at. They’re probably ordering a pizza, checking social media and doing their holiday shopping.

This insta-shopping trend has gone beyond window shopping for gifts and cute clothes to buying necessities like toilet paper and groceries.

Many Millennials now pick up groceries the same day they order, with many of them hailing an Uber instead of choosing a taxi. Further emphasizing the importance of convenience, 46% of these Millennials are willing to pay for same-day delivery.1
Amazon’s two-day delivery for Prime members continues to be successful with some experts estimating that 46% of US households have a membership. Since two days isn’t always fast enough, Amazon also offers Prime Now with two-hour delivery of tens of thousands of items in 20 cities. Not fast enough? In certain locations, you can get your package from Amazon in just one hour.2
Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are also finding success with converting customers to digital shoppers with expedited service. Right on their home page, Walmart touts its same-day grocery pick-up at more than 600 stores nationwide, including loading it into your car when you arrive. On October 10, 2017, Walmart announced that they’re expanding this successful initiative to 1,000 stores. (Same-day non-grocery pick-up is already available at more than 4,600 locations.)3

But it’s not just about saving time and money, it’s also about personalization and discovering something new.

From Stitch Fix (which delivers custom-picked outfits) and the Dollar Shave Club (which does what it says) to curated wine clubs (Cheers!), people are flocking to those brands that deliver a powerful customer experience. Self-service products like HelloFresh meal are also becoming more popular as buyers seek a hybrid of convenience and customization. Because these brand experiences start at our ubiquitous smartphones, companies must do digital the right way.
So far, we’ve been talking about little things like clothing, movies and toilet paper. But can this powerful customer experience work for something really big—like a house? We think so. Stearns Digital brings together the convenience of Uber and the personalization of Birchbox to provide you with the mortgage experience you deserve.
Instead of wasting time tracking down paperwork, making photocopies (who does that?), sitting in a lender’s office and fielding a bunch of phone calls, we offer a fully-digital mortgage application process. This means you can get financing for your new home while at the beach sipping on your favorite adult beverage, on the couch in your pajamas or at a mountain lodge in a toasty-warm sweater.
After you’ve entered your information, you just sit back and wait for real-time status updates, notification of action needed and an alert that you’re ready to close your loan­—you’ll also have instant access to your loan originator and loan processor. All of this important data will remain in the app for future access, right from your phone, tablet or laptop. These days, even your mortgage can meet your need for instant gratification!
Why wait for later … if you can have it now? Check out Stearns Digital today!

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- By Lauren Howey, Oct 13, 2017