Steve Smith Promoted to President and CFO at Stearns Lending

We are pleased to announce that Steve Smith, who has served as CFO at Stearns Lending since 2016, has been promoted to President. In making the announcement, CEO David Schneider shared, “Steve will provide fantastic leadership in his dual roles as President and CFO, where he will work closely with me to continue our efforts to identify growth opportunities for Stearns.”
Since joining the executive team three years ago, Smith’s strategic focus on digital amplification has created efficiencies and increased cost containment, while also ensuring that Stearns Lending stays ahead of the technology curve. This expertise will further benefit our organization and partners with Smith’s appointment to the Operating Committees of our Preferred Partners, Certainty and Citywide.
In addition to his focus on serving customers and business partners, Smith knows that employees are the most valuable resource Stearns has. “The benefits of our digital platform go beyond the quantifiable efficiency improvements and cost control numbers. The new streamlined experience for the Stearns workforce reaps both tangible and intangible rewards,” Smith explains.
A seasoned industry professional with three decades of finance, mortgage banking and real estate industry experience, Smith previously worked at Caliber Home Loans and Bank of America. Named a 2017 Vanguard Award recipient, Smith is known throughout the lending community as someone who makes “an unmistakable impact on the industry at-large.”

When asked what habit has made the greatest contribution to his success, Smith replied that he avoids being distracted by the tyranny of the urgent, while remaining laser-focused on those goals that will have the most significant long-term impact. He also says that he’s been influenced by Zig Ziglar’s quote: “Attitude, not Aptitude, determines Altitude.”
Anyone who knows Smith will agree that he’s got that right attitude for success. Please join us in congratulating Steve Smith on his new role as President and CFO of Stearns Lending.
- By Lauren Burrus, Feb 19, 2019