Stearns’ #LendingHands Efforts Donates Over 4,200 Care Kits to the Homeless

Stearns Lending employees collected 4,272 toiletry care kits for the homeless during HomeAid for the Holidays, the annual toiletry care kit drive in partnership with HomeAid America.

The Stearns family felt compelled to join the fight against homelessness by partnering with HomeAid America and got involved almost five years ago. “Initially, we were only a corporate sponsor,” says COO James Hecht, “And while money certainly helps, we realized there was more to do.”
In 2016, Stearns rallied the troops to get behind the organization, in terms of attention to the issue of homelessness, what HomeAid is doing to alleviate the problem, and ways the team could help. For Stearns, that service came in the form of collecting and packing materials for hygiene Care Kits.
For the second straight year, we kicked off our HomeAid for the Holidays campaign in November of 2017, which is also Homelessness Awareness Month. Continuing throughout the December holiday season, our team of 2,000 employees collected close to 30,000 toiletry items and hosted eight care kit packing hubs throughout the country.
Lending Hands for the Cause
It’s estimated that 80% of the homeless population are considered to be situationally homeless, meaning that with proper support they can return to self-sufficiency. HomeAid is meeting this challenge head-on by building housing and spearheading community outreach for organizations that serve the homeless.
Stearns CEO David Schneider explains, “Through our HomeAid partnership, we’re respecting the communities that we provide financing to. We think it’s important to also help those who can’t afford a home, doing what we can to make their lives better and their collective communities stronger.”
That’s why we’re so proud of everyone at Stearns who came together to serve others by providing them with much-needed personal care items. However, we believe this is only the beginning. Homelessness is a year-round problem and we encourage you to learn more about HomeAid today—and do what you can to support their important mission!

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- By Lauren Howey , Jan 24, 2018