Stearns Digital Update: Meet with your MLO from your couch

Stearns Digital just got even easier. Seriously. 

Even though Stearns Digital is already easy, we realize that applying for a mortgage isn’t something you do every day, so we’re here to help.
Our new screen sharing feature lets you connect with your Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) without getting off your couch.
  • Call your Loan Originator to make sure they’re available for a Screensharing session.
  • Simply click “Continue” when Screensharing is offered then enter the authorization code.
  • Your MLO is now able to see your screen and walk you through areas of the app.
  • You can also video chat with your MLO.
  • Screens with confidential information aren’t visible to your MLO.
  • You’re able to give control to your MLO in some places.
  • When either person logs out, the session closes.
  • Currently available for Stearns Digital on desktops and laptops. Apple and Android apps will be updated with this feature soon. Stay tuned!
Financing your home with Stearns isn’t just different … it’s better!
- By Coral Herman, Jun 25, 2018