Stearns Digital Offers a Complete Mobile Mortgage Experience

 Customers and their Mortgage Loan Originators will be able to work collaboratively to complete and submit loan applications using mobile devices

Stearns announced the launch of Stearns Digital – a digital platform that puts consumers in charge of the home loan application process.
With Stearns Digital you will be able to complete a loan application and submit the application for processing on a desktop through a website or on mobile devices through an app for Apple or Android.
Simple and fast, the new digital platform engages borrowers and gives Mortgage Loan Originators productivity tools that help them ensure a superior experience for their customers and business partners.
“Stearns Digital is easy to use and delivers a smooth experience,” said David Schneider, CEO at Stearns Lending, “Best of all, this platform speeds up the loan process, which means our borrowers can move into their new home sooner.”
The functionality of Stearns Digital is designed for speed and simplicity without sacrificing security or accuracy.
  • Ease of use. Filling out the loan application (known as a 1003 in the mortgage industry) is a simple matter of entering a name and personal identification information. Customers can fill out the form themselves or with the help of their Mortgage Loan Originator.
  • Time saving. With just a few clicks, the customer also can ask the platform to electronically verify their income, employment and assets.
  • Faster loan approvals. If the customer decides to proceed with their application, online verification of information flows directly to loan underwriting, where qualified borrowers quickly receive a firm loan approval.
  • Secure. All data is encrypted to ensure the safety of a customer’s personal information.
“These new digital platform enhancements save time, which means Mortgage Loan Originators can focus on the important personal aspects of their relationships with borrowers and business partners,” said Uday Devalla, CIO at Stearns Lending.
In addition to the ability to submit a full loan application on a mobile device, the digital platform enables sharing of status details during the loan approval process.
  • Customers and Mortgage Loan Originators receive pop up notifications on their phone so they can stay up to date when key loan milestones occur.
  • Additional tools also contribute to a superior mortgage experience by giving customers and mortgage professionals access to real-time information that fosters a sense of control. 
“Our ultimate goal is facilitating our customers’ dreams of homeownership. Stearns Digital empowers our borrowers and allows us to engage with our customers like never before,” said CEO Schneider.
- By Kasia Stephenson, Sep 19, 2017