Making it through summer sales

Selling homes in the summertime can be tricky since people are focused on vacations, swimming, cookouts and just chilling. But we have some tips to help you engage homebuyers and close more sales this summer.

Shift the Schedule

Since a lot of families go on weekend getaways, typical Sunday Open Houses may be sparsely attended. Consider hosting an early evening event in the middle of the week and advertise that you’ll provide light snacks and cool beverages. Hopefully, prospective buyers will swing by to grab a snack and fall in love with the property.

A Virtual Success

Host a Facebook or Instagram Live Open House so that potential buyers can tour the home at their convenience—whether they’re on the beach in Cabo San Lucas or watching their kids’ baseball game. Obviously, virtual Open Houses shouldn’t replace actual events, but they can be a great supplement during the hazy, lazy days of summer.
Keep the online event moving along quickly so your audience doesn’t lose interest. Conclude the tour with a Call To Action (CTA) and then give people a chance to ask questions.

Go Where the People Are

Conventional advertising wisdom tells us that our approaches need to change with the seasons. When more people are outside, consider marketing options that will snag buyers’ attention where they relax and play. Options include sponsoring a hole of golf, putting up flyers at your local pool (if allowed), electronic billboard advertising (if your budget can swing it), bus signage and the dog park.

Build your partnerships

Reach out to your referral sources (lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, etc.) to brainstorm ways to make house-hunting a fun and carefree summer activity.
Promote your Open House as a way for buyers to become acclimated to the community. Invite a representative from one or two of the following organizations to co-host the event with you­—school district, neighborhood association, YMCA, senior center or other local group.
Offering a one-stop shopping experience can make it easier for an individual or family to picture themselves embedded in a new community. If you’re concerned that this could be a distraction to the property itself, you could set up a “Welcome To Our Community” table with information and give-aways from local groups.

Try some of these ideas—or come up with your own—and you might have the best summer yet!
- By Stephanie Clark , Aug 01, 2018