“I Can Help You!” Defines our Compassionate and Understanding Attitude

Stearns’ culture revolves around its “I Can Help You!” mission statement. These simple, but powerful words mean many things to the company’s team members.

In every interaction with others, our team members respond with compassion and a helpful attitude. It’s our way of life!  

Cheerful, Patient and Kind

Compassion and understanding are two concepts that resonate for Hope Brower in Retail Sales and Tina Jones in Underwriting.
Hope says:
“For me, ‘I Can Help You!’ refers to the attitude I have when helping our customers, a fellow employee, or business partner – always striving to be cheerful, patient and kind. It also means having compassion and taking that extra step or going the extra mile ... remembering this may the first time someone has ever bought a home or the first time a coworker did a certain task or whatever. We all have to start somewhere.”

Giving My All is a Way of Life

Tina, who has been with the company for seven years, has a similar take on the mission statement’s meaning:
I feel this simple play on words means that I am capable and willing to give my all to whoever is on the other end of the line. It shows an ‘All In’ attitude. Our mission statement is also a very empowering phrase mentally. We are not asking if we can help. We are telling our customers that We Can Help You! I never forget this. ‘I Can Help You!’ is a way of life for me – personally and professionally.”
Meeting needs and exceeding expectations in a business as complex as mortgage lending takes a great deal of passion and hard work. Team members know that their compassionate and understanding attitude is a true measure of success at Stearns.
- By Lauren Howey, Apr 28, 2017