Meet Susan Walker: Regional Vice President of the Southwest Region

On any given day, you just might find Susan Walker grabbing pizza for breakfast as she heads out to another busy day as Regional Vice President for the Southwest Region of Stearns Lending. From the time she was young, Susan learned the importance of giving 100% 100% of the time—maybe that’s why she shattered the glass ceiling by becoming a Regional Manager at the young age of 27.

Before that career-shaping leap, Susan spent her teenage years as a babysitter and a waitress, two jobs that demonstrate a rock-solid work ethic. In fact, if she wasn’t building her career in the mortgage space, she said she’d love to own a restaurant.
No matter what role she fills or what situation she’s in, Susan makes decisions the same way—based on history, experience and ethics. That’s just one of the reasons why working at Stearns is such a great fit for her. She said she was attracted to the Stearns leadership team because of their consistent commitment to customers and team members.
That doesn’t mean that Susan’s life is all work and no play. If she was stranded on a desert island, she’d take her kids, Skip-Bo card game, pizza, wine and the works of Nicholas Sparks. And if she could choose a movie to watch while there? Susan would watch Remember the Titans because it demonstrates how teamwork and caring about each other makes it possible to accomplish anything.
When asked who her dream dinner companion would be, she told us she’d like to dine with Warren Buffet. With a mantra of “Go Big or Go Home,” it makes sense that Susan would choose the wise, self-made multi-billionaire as someone she’d like to spend time with. We have a feeling that Susan’s story is just getting started. We can’t wait to see what big things she’s going to accomplish!
- By Coral Herman, Dec 13, 2017