Staying Connected at 11,000 Feet

A career in mortgage lending can be very rewarding, offering financial growth, independence and upward mobility—but it can also be very demanding on a mortgage loan originator’s time. Stearns Digital, a new mortgage lending app, streamlines the loan process for originators and homebuyers, reducing the amount of time needed to close each loan, and enabling most tasks to be completed remotely. For John Nelson, a Producing Branch Manager with Stearns Lending, Stearns Digital has been game changing.
“What I like about the app is that it gives me more time to spend with my family and do the things I want to do,” he shares.
Nelson lives in Utah with his wife, three daughters and three dogs, and together, they enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, and weekend getaways to Las Vegas or St. George, Utah. Before Stearns Digital was launched, traveling with his family meant putting his business on hold—or bringing along a paper application and relying on someone in his office to help him pull credit and take care of other loan functions. Now, he can do it all from his mobile phone, from almost anywhere.

“I can be on a hike at 11,000 feet and still get notifications on my smartphone, instantly,” says Nelson. “Loan officers love that the app gives them the freedom to do what they need to do. They are no longer chained to their desk to follow their timeline.”

It’s not just about vacations and travel days—Stearns Digital gives mortgage loan originators more time and greater flexibility every day. “Having the app provides me with all the tools I need whether I’m out on appointments or helping my kids with homework,” says John. Now, everything he needs is accessible through just one app, on his smartphone. He especially likes the ability to receive notifications on his Apple watch, which lets him stay up to date on loan status even when he’s out of the office.
“When I’m out jogging or at the gym, I can get a notification on my Apple watch letting me know that a loan is approved. The beauty of that is, I did not have to contact anyone to get that status. It is automatically pushed to me because of the app. So if something comes up when I am outside the office, I can still take care of it with my phone.”
Stearns Digital also helps loans get approved faster, because borrowers are able to verify their income and assets electronically. When testing the app, Nelson was able to complete an entire application in just a minute and 47 seconds—although he notes that a typical customer might need eight to ten minutes to apply.
The time saved on processing loans has allowed Nelson to spend more time on tasks that grow his business and improve relationships with customers.

“Stearns Digital allows me to be out of the office creating new business channels, and still have access to everything I need.”

For Nelson, the best feature of the app is the time it frees up, which loan officers can use as they see fit—whether that’s getting more business or spending more time with the people they care about.
“I have three young daughters, and with school, cheerleading and all the things we have going on, I enjoy having the freedom to be there with them, outside of the office, so I'm not missing those moments. You only get this go around once, and the more I can be there, the better.”
- By Lauren Howey, Dec 18, 2017