Making Dreams Come True - For Customers and Mortgage Loan Originators

Talk about a dream job!

Within days of receiving his authorization to originate at Stearns, a potential customer in Washington state called Mortgage Loan Originator Brandon Pugh on a Sunday afternoon. The borrower was in the process of booking a flight to California so he could look at homes in 10 days when he arrived. A savvy consumer, he wanted to make sure he had a full pre-approval before engaging a Realtor® and going house shopping.
Since Brandon was on a family vacation and wouldn’t return until Thursday, he decided to put Stearns Digital to the test. He chatted with the customer and sent him an invitation to the Stearns Digital app.
In less than 10 minutes, the customer was logged in and had completed the application. Soon after, he called Brandon back thrilled, “It was a pretty cool process. We were able to get most of our information verified electronically.”
Yep, even though it was a Sunday, their income and assets were automatically verified. “We were able to take advantage of Day 1 Certainty,” Brandon explains. “His income was verified with a full breakdown of his base and bonus income, as well as account for the assets needed for down payment.”
When Monday rolled around a few short hours later, Brandon wrapped up a few items and sent the loan application off to Processing. By Tuesday, Processing sent it to Underwriting.
“By early Wednesday, we had a fully underwritten pre-approval,” Brandon said. His borrowers were able to fly down to California and shop with confidence. We’re sure the Realtor® and sellers were happy to have solid buyers in their neighborhood.
As a newcomer to Stearns, what else did Brandon think about the process? “Since I recently joined Stearns after leaving a large bank, this reaffirmed my decision. I was able to spend time with my family in the happiest place on earth—and still deliver a superior experience for my client. It’s great to be a part of a company that is proactively working to provide tools and support for a healthy work life balance!”



- By Coral Herman, Jan 11, 2018