Stearns Mission Statement: What does "I Can Help You!" Mean?

The Stearns mission statement is simple: I Can Help You! Our team members embrace this mission every day in our Stearns life culture.

Whether it’s solving problems, answering questions, or helping in other ways during the home loan process, Jennifer Folk in the Operations Department finds the mission statement inspiring.

What does “I Can Help You!” mean to our team member Jennifer?

“There is no better feeling than surrounding yourself with people that share the same spirit and passion about service as you do. It ignites an enthusiasm that spreads deeper than the surface – and it brings a sense of pride when you genuinely are able to help someone." 
“Helping doesn't always mean you are only solving the one problem someone has at the moment. Frequently, helping extends far beyond one issue. It means that you have given them something more. Maybe you helped them solve an issue with a loan, and in so doing you have taught them how to prevent the issue from happening again..." 


“For me, “I Can Help You!” means living every single day with a passion for making a difference. That may be on a business level or it may be on a personal level. It may be helping an external customer or helping an internal team member. It may be helping with global problems or a singular one. I love when “I Can Help You!"

As Jennifer’s words make clear, the “I Can Help You!” culture at Stearns permeates all aspects of the work day. Employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders all experience exceptional service that exceeds expectations.  
- By Lauren Howey, Mar 20, 2017