What does "I Can Help You!" mean? Customer Service that Exceeds Expectations!

Stearns excels in an industry where providing a superior experience to customers is one of the most important ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. This is due in large part thanks to the company’s “I Can Help You!” culture. It is our mission statement and integrated into our day-to-day roles and responsibilities.

“I Can Help You!” Is an Attitude

Rufina Guinto in Retail Sales envisions many ways – large and small – that the company’s mission statement drives her to provide customer service that exceeds expectations:

“In this ever-changing world of advancement and technology – where everybody is racing to offer the most high-tech service possible – what sets us apart from the rest is a combination of technology plus having a ready smile for everyone and a willingness to listen and understand. Our compassion for our clients and our constant building of strong ties with business partners is how we embody the 'I Can Help You!' attitude.

'I Can Help You!' is an attitude that comes naturally when it comes from the heart. A simple return call or a reply on an email shows a huge 'I Can Help You!' attitude. There is nothing worse than leaving someone hanging, especially during crucial times in a home sale transaction.

'Acknowledging a call or an email is very important whether or not you have the answer for a particular question. After all, accepting your job includes accepting the responsibility.'

Service With a Smile

At Stearns, everyone receives “service with a smile.” Whether we are working with customers, coworkers, brokers, business partners or other stakeholders, the “I Can Help You!” attitude shines through.

- By Lauren Howey, Mar 27, 2017