Why Stearns? It's all about the people.

The Stearns culture is thriving.

Of course we’re in the business of providing mortgages, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Not only do we provide an energetic and supportive environment within Stearns, but service mindset also extend to the communities we live in.
While no one is perfect, our leadership is intentional about striving to live our core values every day. With some of the most experienced talent in the mortgage industry, our teams work together to deliver a top-notch mortgage experience.

This work-life balance is achievable because we’ve made a huge investment in technologies that make it easier for our team to get their job done efficiently so they have more time for family, friends and community. Customers and employees love the convenience and speed of Stearns Digital and related processes—when loans close faster, people start living their dreams sooner.

Our team loves to come to work each day—and this positivity is contagious! We believe that our great people attract great people, which is one of the reasons we’re experiencing phenomenal growth and continuous improvement throughout the company.

After all, at Stearns, things aren't just different—they're better. Get to know us today!

- By Coral Herman, Mar 20, 2018