Stearns Employee Spotlight: Meet Dan Burch

Providing customer service that exceeds expectations is all in a day’s work at Stearns. It is ingrained in our culture and in our mission statement: “I Can Help You!”  Our culture also celebrates success by showing appreciation for team members who go the extra mile to accomplish great things.

That’s why we are pleased to spotlight Dan Burch, Regional Operations Manager for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast U.S.

Teamwork and Comradery

Dan joined Stearns in 2012 and leads a team of loan fulfillment and operations experts at our Pittsburgh regional operations center.
“Our office has grown from six of us to more than fifty,” Dan says. “I work with the best operations team in the industry. The comradery we have at the office which makes me very confident in our ability to provide excellent customer service to our internal and external partners.”
Back in 2012, Dan and the original five team members boarded a plane to Stearns headquarters to talk about the future and building a Regional Operations Center.  They knew it would take teamwork!
Teamwork, partnership and relationships are the three words Dan uses to describe the culture at Stearns. The same words apply to Dan, who is renowned throughout the company as an amazing leader whose team would do anything for him. Customers love working with him, too!

Always Elevating Our Service Levels

When asked to name the most important reason he is proud to work at Stearns, Dan says: “The drive and commitment our company has to be the best – and that we continuously work to elevate our customer service levels for our clients.”
What does “I Can Help You!” mean to Dan? In his typical humble style, he responds, “To me it means that I am helping when not asked – and doing so without the need for accolades.”
Helping our customers is our passion. At Stearns, we are eager to show you how We Can Help You!
- By Lauren Howey, May 17, 2017