Stearns Employee Spotlight: Meet Vice President and Enterprise Offshore Program Director Somi Jacob

The Stearns I Can Help You! culture revolves around its people and their commitment to work as a team to deliver results. Through the organization’s Employee Spotlight program, we introduce the people who exemplify these qualities – and as such, are at the core of the company’s success.

Please meet Vice President and Enterprise Offshore Program Director Somi Jacob, who is one of our extraordinary talented team members and a winner of an I Can Help You! Award Winners:

People, Possibilities, and Open Communication

Somi joined Stearns in 2015, and she is a role model for the I Can Help You! spirit! The people, the possibilities, and the open communication are what makes Somi most proud to work at Stearns.


“The people and the possibilities of learning something new, to simplify complexities by bringing in clarity through structured knowledge transfer, and the learning experience – all of this makes me very happy to come to work,” Somi says.

Asked to give three words that describe Stearns’ culture, she provided these: Team work. Focused. Results-oriented.  


I Can Help You! means a lot to me,” Somi says. “It is commitment and dedication. Commitment to helping a person and dedication to completely resolve the situation by doing whatever it takes to help them.”


How does she apply I Can Help You! in her work? “I am very approachable and patient. I listen and study the situation and approach a problem with a solution. My analytical thinking covers aspects of identifying a break point before it happens and acting in a timely manner. As a result everything is taken care of. I put myself in the others person’s position. That helps me understand where they are coming from and where they need to be directed.”


Outside of work, Somi is equally committed to helping others. She works closely with the Salvation Army and assists the organization with multiple projects, including Disaster Preparation Management, Angel Tree Programs, and manages projects as a volunteer when needed. Somi also mentors to several international students, helping them feel at home – and giving them a home away from home. She also supports Peace Corps volunteers and provides support and assistance to several missionaries in Africa, India and around the world.

Somi with a cheetah on her most recent trip to South Africa.

- By Coral Herman, May 02, 2017