What does I Can Help You! Mean? Supporting and Caring for Others!

The “I Can Help You!” culture at Stearns fosters collaboration, respect and teamwork among coworkers.  Supporting colleagues and sincerely caring about others is a way of life throughout the company! In a workplace with this type of empowering atmosphere, meeting needs and exceeding expectations comes naturally.

Caring About Others Breeds Success

Maria Jaimes of Internal Training, who conducts classroom training for new hires, supports new teammates by teaching them how to our use of tools and systems that enable them to be successful. For Maria, the importance of caring about others applies to the day-to-day and to aspirations for growth and success. She says:  
“To me “I Can Help You! means caring. In our Training department, we strive to help our new hires learn as much as possible in a one-week period and beyond. We genuinely care about helping them learn every topic that we have outlined. The phrase also means effectively teaching them how our technology works, so that they confidently and accurately input a loan application. “I Can Help You!” means doing the best job at all times and helping one another – so that we continue to grow individually and as a company.”

We Support and Value Our Teammates

Heather Howell in Recruiting is always looking for mortgage professionals to join the Stearns team. Once they are on board, she also helps them get acclimated with our culture and ready for success. Heather expresses her thoughts about the culture in a concise and compelling way:
“To me, “I Can Help You!” translates to “I am here for you.” Everyone wants to feel supported, valued, heard and understood. The Stearns culture embodies being there and supporting everyone we make contact with in effort to make their day just a little bit better.” 

Everyone thrives in a work environment that is founded on a culture of service to others. At Stearns, we’ve created a workplace where teammates care about and support each other. That makes us a workplace where the success of our team members is virtually guaranteed!

- By Lauren Howey, May 23, 2017