Get to Know Blythe Hughes, 2017 Woman of Influence

“Goonies never say die.”

While that may seem like an odd quote for a mortgage website, it’s a perfect intro to our profile of Blythe Hughes, Chief Administrative Officer for Stearns Lending. Recently named one of the 2017 Women of Influence by HousingWire, we sat down with Blythe to see what makes her tick.
A mega fan of the 1985 cult classic, The Goonies, Blythe explains that the never-say-die mantra has been a part of her life since she was a kid. For us, it’s kinda awesome that a successful CAO whipped out a 1980s pop culture nugget during our interview.
To Blythe, “Goonies never say die” means that you never give up, no matter how goofy or farfetched your idea might be – even if that dream is to become a pirate. It’s all about choosing a destination, setting a course and doing whatever it takes to meet your goals.
When asked what The Women of Influence Award means to her, Blythe said that it’s not about her. “Instead,” she explained, “it means that our team has worked together to help shape this company and that we’re creating opportunities for other people. It’s about what we’ve already accomplished together and what we’ll accomplish in the future.”
And because no one truly knows what the future holds, we asked Blythe what three things she’d take to a deserted island. Laughing, she immediately said wine and chocolate! After naming the two most important items, she also decided a boat would be good. We’re sure she’d swing by all the other deserted islands and turn it into a party boat headed back to civilization – practical and fun!
So where did Blythe’s can-do attitude begin? Like many successful people, it started at home. She credits her father with being an example of someone who never quit, was extremely dedicated and really, really enjoyed life. One of the early opportunities Blythe had to emulate her Dad’s values was her first job – a bank position she describes as “THE most boring job in the world!”
In spite of truly hating the job, she kept her commitment and trudged to work each day. She knew they were counting on her and she didn’t let them down. So what was the #1 thing Blythe learned as a teller? Ironically, it was that she never wanted to work at a bank or any place banking-related again.
And yet, here she is… a mortgage lending exec after a career that started at several tech companies and included roles at Countrywide Financial and MetLife Bank. Blythe was drawn to Stearns for the opportunities offered by Glenn Stearns and the company he founded nearly 30 years ago – opportunities for growth, creativity and trying new things.
At Stearns, Blythe is a dynamo who brings out the best in the thousands of people she leads, but there’s one “business” skill she openly admits she can’t master – golf. “I’ve tried and I’ve tried, and I’m terrible,” she says chuckling. Although Blythe rarely gives up, this is one area where she’s decided to surrender. After all, somebody needs to drive the golf cart and drink wine.

- By Coral Herman, Sep 20, 2017