How to tackle your spring cleaning

Spring is here and most of us are ready to enjoy the wonderful weather, but we may not be ready for the dreaded spring cleaning. While cleaning can be time consuming it can also help you re-organize and declutter your house from the holidays. Here is a quick list to help you tackle your cleaning.1

  • Removing dust –cleaning curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, windows, and surface areas.
  • Give your floors attention –mopping, sweeping or vacuuming your flooring, paying extra attention to the high traffic areas. Also make sure to move your furniture out of the way to allow yourself to clean the areas that don’t typically see the light of day. 
  • Check your doors and windows-make sure that all doors and windows are sufficiently sealed to keep insects and water from getting into your house. 
  • Kitchen cleanout –go through your refrigerator, make sure to throw anything old out and wipe down shelves and drawers. Don’t forget about your cooktops, microwave and oven since these places see the most action in your kitchen. 
  • Disinfecting bathrooms-use disinfectant cleaner to remove bacteria from your sinks, countertops and faucet hardware. To help maintain the pristine look of any tile in your shower give your grout a deep cleaning. 
  • Bedrooms and Closet declutter-with changing seasons comes changing fabrics. Put your spring/summer sheets on your bed as well as getting your spring/summer wardrobe front and center in your closet. 
- Mar 20, 2020