Planning to Make Your Patio a Dream Come True

A home’s outdoor spaces can serve as a quite refuge, an entertainment hub, a play area – and a whole lot more. Turning your patio into a dream come true may be easier than you think, especially as home improvement projects that are focused on outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular.

From tips about construction and materials to advice about decorating, there is an abundance of information. Here are a few suggestions.

Patio Design and Materials

According to Bob Vila, the home improvement expert and host of TV’s This Old House, “Before you commit to a type of patio, first envision the finished space. You probably have a good idea of the location and approximate size, so go grab a chair, take it outside, and position it in the intended spot. Then sit, and picture each material in your mind’s eye.”

“When you’ve dreamed up your ideal design, consider which materials would best bring it to life, in terms of both aesthetics and practical issues, such as maintenance requirements and cost,” Via writes.1

Patio materials include poured concrete, bricks, pavers, stones, tiles and even sand and pea gravel. Vila mentions that pavers are popular with DIY homeowners, because of the low price and simple installation. Poured concrete is structurally sound and inexpensive; brick, tile and stone have natural appeal, but may cost more and require professional installation.1

Decorating your patio

Patio furniture helps you create and define a space. Many people choose a furniture design that matches the style of the house, but the most common styles are country and traditional. These two styles can be purchased in matching sets and are best if your goal is to use outdoor space for formal entertaining.2

Accents and accessories that reflect you and your style is one way to make your outdoor space a dream come true. Giant pillows, lovely planters, or urban-chic items may all be right for you. And don’t forget the lighting. Lighting creates ambiance and a particular type of feel.

As Interior design expert Douglas Calhoun writes3, “Hang a strand or two of Edison bulb string lights above your table or in the entry way to your patio. These classic string lights blend with almost any style of furnishings and work year-round.”

If you are going for a different look and feel, Calhoun says, “Hanging hurricane lanterns nautical lanterns modeled on vintage glass canning vessels creates a seaside vibe no matter where you’re celebrating. Candlelight is essential to your gathering, and hanging lanterns are perfect because they elevate the mood and won’t blow out.”

Whether you live in a moderate climate and use your patio year-round or confine your patio to summer time fun – a there are very few limits to your choices in a dream patio.


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- By Coral Herman, May 09, 2020