Get the Spookiest House on the Block without Scaring your Bank Account

Eek! Americans will spend about $9 billion on Halloween this year. This comes out to an average of $86.79 per person, with 175 million Americans planning to celebrate.*

Regardless of how much you plan to spend (or avoid spending) on Halloween décor this year, there are many ways to get more for your money and do some DIY projects. This how-to guide will help you get it done!
  1. Determine your overall Halloween budget and decide how much you’ll allocate to décor.
  2. Choose which area(s) of your home you plan to decorate and prioritize based on what is most important to you. This might include the porch, front yard, kitchen, family room or other spots you want to make look festive.
  3. Come up with an overall theme or “feeling” you want to convey—popular options include spooky, silly, cozy or elegant. You may want to choose a non-traditional color scheme to make your decorations more unique.
The following items can be used for a wide range of decorating styles:
  • Mason Jars: Inexpensive and versatile, this crafting staple can be bought in bulk and used throughout your home. Because they’re glass, I recommend only using them inside so that your neighborhood hooligans won’t break them into dangerous shards. Check out these ideas!
  • Foam Pumpkins: Lightweight and cost-effective, you can find these at dollar stores and craft shops. If you hate to see your elaborately-carved pumpkins shrivel up and get moldy, then these are right for you. There are countless ways to decorate these pumpkins—and since they’re reusable for years to come, they stretch your Halloween décor dollar. This Pinterest collection shows some fun ways to turn foam pumpkins into works of art.
  • Non-Pumpkin Theme: If you want to do more than just jack-o-lantern décor, add some witches, ghosts, spiders or black cats. Another crowed pleaser is adding candy into your décor.
No matter which decorations you make or buy, lighting helps set the mood and provides safety for little trick-or-treaters who are out in force on a late October night. 
- By Stephanie Clark , Oct 17, 2018